Exoplanet meeting


Monday, September 19

15:00-15:15: Welcome, Petr Kabath (ASU)

15:15-15:45: Introduction of teams

15:45-16:30: Review of RV methods, Artie Hatzes (TLS)

16:30-16:45: COFFEE BREAK

16:45-17:15: Low-mass planets of low mass stars with CARMENES, Eike Guenther (TLS)

17:15-17:45 Instrumentation at Astronomical Institute in High Tatras, Slovakia, Martin Vanko (AI SAV)

17:45-18:15: Influence of plage regions on transit observations, Silvia Kunz (TLS)

18:15-18:45 Discussion

19:30 DINNER

Tuesday, September 20

09:00-09:45: Plato status update, Juan Cabrera (DLR)

09:45-10:15: Strategies to mitigate the impact of stellar activity on planet detection and characterization, Juan Cabrera (DLR)

10:15-10:30: COFFEE BREAK

10:30-11:00: "Dipper" stars in Upper Sco and Rho Oph star forming regions identified from the K2 mission, Valentin Ivanov (ESO)

11:00-11:30: ESO current and future instrumentation for exoplanet studies, Henri Boffin (ESO)

11:30-12:00: Review of exoplanetary atmospheres, Petr Kabath (AsU)

12:00-14:00: LUNCH at Ondrejov Pizzeria

14:00-14:30: Transmission spectroscopy with 8 and 1 meter telescopes, Matthias Mallon (AIP)

14:30-15:00: Observing strategy for transmission spectroscopy with FORS2: from results of recent observations, Elyar Sedaghati (ESO/DLR)

15:00-15:30: Atmospheric characterization of hot Jupiters using the VLT: strategies and synergies, Monika Lendl (AW Graz)

15:30-15:45: COFFEE BREAK

15:45-16:15: On radius-mass relations of hot Sub-Neptunes and hydrogen-dominated super-Earths, Helmut Lammer (AW Graz)

16:15-16:45: Atmospheric modeling and retrieval from transit and eclipse observations, Patricio Cubillos (AW Graz)

16:45-17:15: Characterization of exoplanet atmospheres. Model needs, Antonio Garcia Munoz (DLR)

17:45-18:15: Active exoplanet host stars - case of HD 189733, Tereza Klocova (AsU)

18:15-18:45: From interacting binaries to exoplanets, Jan Budaj (AI SAV)

18:45-19:00: Discussion

20:00: CONFERENCE DINNER, Restaurant in Berchtold chateau

Wednesday, September 21

09:00-12:00: Discussion, Proposals, joint projects