Ondrejov Stellar Department Summer School

The meeting will takes place close to the Stellar Department building in Ondrejov.
A map can be found here:HOW TO REACH US

By car:

If you travel by car, then you need to take exit 15 from D1 highway direction Brno. The exit is called Strancice. From Strancice you are very close to the hotel Berchtold Castle which is in the village Kunice-Vidovice and also close to Ondrejov and Astronomical Institute.

By train:

If you travel by train, the best way is to take a train to Praha hlavni nadrazi. Connections can be found here: TIMETABLES

From Praha hlavni nadrazi you need to take a regional train running every 20-30 mins or a metro and bus. The description follows below.

From Praha Vaclav havel Airport:

From the airport there is a direct shuttle bus to main railway station which leaves every 30 minutes. From Main Railway Station, please follow the directions below.

From Praha Main Railway Station:

There are two options. Either, you take another train S9 to Strancice and then the bus 490. From Ondrejov bus station, you have a 20 min walks (get off on 2nd stop in Ondrejov called Ondrejov namesti)

Alternatively, you can take a metro from central railway station to Haje then the bus 383 to Ondrejov. Again, from the Ondrejov bus stop, you have a 20 min walk to reach the stellar department.

Berchtold Castle hotel from Strancice:

Once you arrive at Strancice you need to take a bus 461 direction Velke Popovice and get off at stop Kunice-Vidovice zamek (third stop) and the timtable of 461 from Strancice is here: 461 from Strancice

By car from highway D1 exit 15, zou can follow green shields with logo of the castle Berchtold. Once you enter Strancice from the highway exit, you turn right on the first local road to Kunice-Vidovice.

Tickets and timetables:

Local bus and train connections can be found here (Main Railway station is called Hlavni nadrazi):TIMETABLES LOCAL

The correct ticket to get from Prague/Prague airport is for 54 CZK. You can use the same ticket for all means of transport (metro, train S-lines, buses) and it is valid for 3 hrs. Do not forget to validate the ticket once you enter the bus/tram or before you enter metro/train at the train platform or at the entrance to metro. If you come by train, we recommend to make use of the cash machine at the station because the tickets can be bought mainly in cash.